Referat für ausländische Studierende

Does coming to a foreign country make you feel overwhelmed? If that's the case, you have landed in the right place! 
We, the department for foreign students (german: Referat für Ausländische Studierende), are elected student representatives for the autonomous department for the foreign and international students, help you feel included and integrated on the campus and also in your daily life, here in Germany. Our aim is the work against rasicm and discrimination, which some students suffer almost on a daily basis. Another important topic is to help incoming/existing international students, find answers to their queries and address the basic issues every international faces when moving abroad. We try to extend our helping hands to students with the following areas of concern:
  • Advice/consultation on finding accommodation or other challenges with housing.
  • Workshops to educate against rasicm and discrimination.
  • Visa extension and residence permit.
  • Assistance with access to the medical system/doctors; getting appointments,etc.
  • Getting well acquainted with the university and the city of Osnabrück viz. access to the library and getting around & socialising, understanding the studIP page and navigation, etc.
  • Understanding important documents which are only available in German at the moment.
These are some of the areas wherein we work to improvise the existing situation & are also open to hear your other concerns and improve/broaden the horizon of issues we are aware of, so that we are there for you, in any small or big challenge  you face! Our goal is to ensure that the foreign and international students get well along with the locals and promote cohesion and feel welcome, free and included. 
Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for any query, big or small, on or before your arrival at Osnabrück. We look forward to hearing from you!
Contact us via E-Mail: astaraa[at]
Our visit our office hours: Tuesday 12 - 2.p.m.
Call us! +49 541 9694832
[Please use you university e-mail address. If you do not, your mail might get stuck or end up spam.]